CTRI Polo’s & Hats

Order your CTRI Polo’s and Hats at http://wickeddesignz.com/product-category/ctri  no later than Friday May 25th.

You can select if you want to pick it up at the June meeting or shipped to you.

If you signed up on the list during last meeting you still need to place your order at http://wickeddesignz.com/product-category/ctri

Everyone has to place an order!

Please note that if would like to have your call or call & name on the right chest you will need to enter your call or call & name in the order notes on the checkout page.

Let me know if you have any questions

Lars, KE1J

NEQP results
NEQP results avatar

49 x 21 = 2016,   QRP CW

Turned out to be a really busy weekend but I got in some time.  Seems like the way to score in this one would have been to work a lot of 7QP and IQP stations S&P on Saturday afternoon.  But this is my chance to run with 5 watts and I was determined to run.  (and I thought 7qp continued thru Sunday , oops)  And conditions were not qrp friendly.  I had a couple solid half hour runs last year, but not this time.  A few members pulled me out, tnx!



POLL – Meeting start time
POLL – Meeting start time avatar

Hi all,

What time would you prefer that our meetings start? The two choices are:



Please respond with the time and if you wish, your reason(s) for choosing it. In order to choose the time for this Saturday’s meeting, please respond ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Pat, NG1G

FREE TOWER as in F.R.E.E. avatar

W1CTN will be going dark in anticipation of a retirement move.

It’s still up. Some of the club members extended it to it’s present height.

Come and take it down, just don’t get hurt (or it’s a quick burial in the marsh), and it’s yours.



203 735 9725 after 6 pm week nights

anytime on the weekends

Bob, W1YRC to narrate video of 1973 Spratly Island DXPedition at this Saturday’s (April 14th) meeting
Bob, W1YRC to narrate video of 1973 Spratly Island DXPedition at this Saturday’s (April 14th) meeting avatar

NEWS FLASH!!!!  Our Rhode Island ARRL Section Manager, Bob W1YRC, will be providing commentary on a video of the Spratly Island Operation 1S1A of 1973, one of the early DX-peditions. Bob had a first had connection to this early operation to what are today’s now important islets in the South China Sea claimed by several countries and being build up  militarily by China.  Hear how early DX-peditioners  were shot in a war zone  at as they approached uninhabited islands during the closing years of the Viet Nam war.  Did you work the recent Spratly operation?  Time and place:  This Saturday April 14, 9 AM, South Kingstown (Peace Dale) Library.  Members, guests, etc. welcome.


Pat, NG1G

QRZ KE1S Update
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Greetings all

I made the suggested changes to the KE1S QRZ biography especially the QSL info. I thought I would also add some biography info. So I pulled some of the info off  the Home page of this website. However, I noted that the information on this page is pretty out of date and needs revision. It is great history but not relevant today. An it is a tad too long. Anyway,  I am not ready to revise it on my own but suggest that it should be a kind of group effort.  As a starting point I edited it somewhat for QRZ. I am sure this can be improved upon! So take a look at KE1S on QRZ and see what you think.

Meanwhile, I also added the club website link.

BTW, I will also notify the W1 Incoming QSL Bureau not to process incoming QSL cards for KE1S.


Jim KS1J




Items For Sale
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Hi All,

I have began the process of downsizing my station and am looking to start selling off some of the equipment.

I have a Yaesu FT-1000D with: RTTY/CW Serial Interface, CAT computer control cable, FRB-757 External Keying Relay and Top Ten Band Decoder with all interface cables. Asking $1400 for the package.

The FT-1000D has been part of many contest winning efforts and has many more left in it. This is still one of the best contesting radios available.

I also have an AL-1200 that I am looking to sell, this one has a new band switch and is fine working condition. Power on to full transmit power in 13 seconds, all weekend on RTTY, no problem. Asking $1300

If you are interested in both, let me know and we can work out a CTRI bundle price.

Towers, Antennas and much more to follow.


Rick KI1G