Great November Meeting at W1AN

Many thanks, John, for hosting the meeting on Saturday AND for you and W1NAN providing such a feast for lunch. It was a grand event!

It was also a very good meeting with thanks to Ed, W1PN, walking everybody in attendance through a “How To” for the new club website (not yet fully ready for prime time, but it’s getting there.)  Hmmmm… I think I’d better put this post on that web site as well as here on the reflector.

Ken K3IU

2 comments on “Great November Meeting at W1AN

  1. I don’t know how I managed to get two different fonts in this posting, but the words came out right!
    73, Ken K3IU

  2. Ken,

    I guess you’re just lucky!

    I guess this means I got logged into the new web page okay, or I wouldn’t be doing this. But I did get my internet reconnected this morning. The DSL Modem had self-destructed and had to be replaced. The repair man should become a ham in January when we test the Cadets @ W1CGA!

    73, Mike, K1DM

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