best place/method to post upcoming mbr contest scores on new website??

With migration occuring more and more from the old yahoo site to this one, I’m curious where our site administrators (Ed W1PN and Ken K3IU) feel club members should post their future contest scores on this new site.  It would be nice for all members to have a consistent location/method here to do this from the start…and to more easily allow for data transfer to the intra-club competition scoreboard.

I, for one, am still feeling my way around this site.  I do notice a sub-forum under the “Contesting” forum titled “Contest Results” (the last of 5 categories) but I don’t think that most accurately reflects what we want to do…a category such as “claimed contest scores” would seem better.  

If a consensus suggestion materializes soon a few of us could try posting our claimed scores from this weekend’s Florida QSO Party here on the new site via the recommended method.  Member thoughts/ideas??

…And the New England QSO Party is just a week away!!

73,  Bill  W1WBB




3 comments on “best place/method to post upcoming mbr contest scores on new website??

  1. They should post them here only. Now of course that raises the question “How should we post them”?

    Hopefully we will have some instructions on that soon. Stay tuned for updates.

  2. Tnx Ed…staying tuned for “how” and specifically “where” here on the new site. I’ll have my Florida QSO Party claimed score available to post by Sunday eve…

    73, Bill W1WBB

  3. Hi Bill:

    I will try to have some info for you by the end of the day… but no promise. If I don’t get anything different to you, just post in categories “Contesting” and “News”.

    Good luck in the FQP. I’m sure you will hear Bob Patten (N4BP) all over the place.

    73, Ken K3IU

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