NEQP: Member QSY Frequencies

This is probably a case of overthinking, but working each CTRI member on the 10 bands/modes could add to the QSO count.  To possibly facilitate easy and quick QSY to other bands, here’s a suggestion on frequency using the “low end of SSB” and “high end of CW” format.  Print it and have it handy for quick reference.  Maybe it will help. X = Xtra Freq.  G = General/Advanced

Band                 SSB                        CW

10                    28,305                  28,295

15                    21,205  X               21,195

                        21,230 G

20                    14,155 X                 14,145

                        14,180 G

40                    7130  X                    7120

                        7180 G        

80                    3605 X                     3595

                        3805 G                     



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