ARRL DX SSB and This Weekends Plans for W1DX

This weekend brings us the ARRL SSB DX contest. I am extending an open invitation for CTRI members to operate here at W1AN/W1DX in CT. Both stations will be available. Just let me know here or via email that you will be coming. We can operate as a multi or two single stations under separate calls, depending on interest. Bring your own snacks.

73, John, W1AN

2014 ARRL DX CW Contest Results

G’morning, gents:

Well, I remembered to post this before the contest ends tonight. I hope there are lots of members on the air in this contest, ‘cuz the conditions have been very good.

Please post your results here by adding a reply/comment to this posting.

Ken K3IU, Keeper of the Leaderboard

W1AW/KG4 Gitmo

For you W1AW/x chasers, a late announcement from NN1N:  W1AW/KG4, Guantanamo Bay, has been added to the list

of W1AW/x operations.  This operation will take place during the week (UTC) of 26 Feb – 4 March.  Hope you all have worked

W1AW/KH6 this week….they are done at 7 PM local tomorrow Tuesday.  GL!  — John, W1XX


2014 CQ WPX RTTY Contest Results

Good morning, gents:

Please post your results for this contest by adding a reply/comment to this posting. I have been down with a “cold” since last Tuesday (first one in 3-4 years) and am still feeling the effects so I stayed here at home rather than travel to W1AN to help out. Conditions seem to be pretty good and I am sure that stacked yagis on 15 meters at W1AN have been getting a good workout.

73, Ken K3IU
Keeper of the Leaderboard

KB1LN – NO Change Of Address Yet

I told someone in this group, but I cannot remember who that was,  that I was making a move from my current QTH in Warwick to a new one in Cranston. That move will not take place at this time.

My mailing address remains at 40 Quail Ridge Lane Warwick RI 02886-4262, and home phone remains at 401-825-7122, for the records.

Sorry for any confusion!

73 de KB1LN Bob Rogers

PS Hope to see everyone at the luncheon!

2013-2014 CTRI Champions Leaderboard thru CQ 160 CW Contest

Good morning CTRIers:

Attached to this posting is the CTRI Champions Leaderboard that is current with information received through the CQ 160 CW contest. It is a spreadsheet compatible with MS Excel 97-2007 and hopefully you will have no problems opening it. Clicking on the link below should work to open and download the spreadsheet. The next contest in the Champions Series is the CQ WPX RTTY contest this coming weekend. February is full of FUN contests, so get your butt into the chair and get on the air!


Ken K3IU
Keeper of the Leaderboard

2014 WPX RTTY This Weekend 2/8-2/9

This is a reminder that the CQ WPX RTTY Contest is this coming weekend. I hope all that are able will get on the air wherever you are and make some contacts to add to the clubs aggregate score. I will have the W1AN/W1DX station here open as a Multi-2. I’m not sure we can muster all the operators we need but I will guarantee that anyone who shows will have a great experience in one of the chairs.

If you plan on making it let me know either here or direct.
John, W1AN