June ARRL VHF Contest Results

WB2VVV was QRV for the June ARRL VHF Contest in the Single Op Unassisted Low Power Category.

Log as submitted:

MHZ   Grids   QSOs
50       81    174
144      14     30
222       8     12
432       7      9
903       4      4
1296      3      3
Total   118    233
Score: 31,239

Thanks to those members whose QSOs made it into my log! It was certainly nice to see 6 meters open to the West and South on Sunday with varying Sporadic E Skip. I was also pleased to be able able to hear 2 stations clearly on 2304 MHz but just didn’t have enough transmitter to be heard with only 5 Watts of the allowed 50 Watts.

73, Chris WB2VVV

Happy Holidays and Thanks for those 160m Qs!

I was up my tower today in the nice wx to realign some antennas that were twisted on the mast and saw the remains of a massive Hornets Nest under my top plate. Wow, that would have been an unpleasant climb with a quick descent had I gone up there before the big windstorm blew their nest off the tower. I also fixed my 160m antenna and made 60 QRP Qs this weekend to check it out – and to make sure our big guns XX and AN had the RI multiplier in their logs. Purely S&P with such low power and interesting which stations can hear and which can’t. Worked as far West as MO. I will send in my paper log later on for what the puny score is worth. 73, Chris