Equipment Modification Folder Created

I’ve created a new folder “Equipment Modifications” and added a couple of pdf files for my work on the Dentron MT3000A tuner. One file is the writeup and the other the schematic. I’m trying to learn how to insert links so I hope these work.


MT3000A-schematic-with-W1AN Mods

4 comments on “Equipment Modification Folder Created

  1. Hi John:

    When I click on either of the above links, a new Tab in the browser opens and I get a notification that is a “WordPress failure notice.” The first time I tried it, the log in screen came up. I was Not able to log in using that screen. I went back to the Home page, logged in successfully and now get the Failure Notice.


  2. Interesting. The pdf’s showed up when I first created the post. Now I have the same result as Ken. I was logged in at the time. I wonder if that is why it worked then.

  3. OK. Maybe the location I placed the files is wrong. I used the dashboard and the upload tool. The files show up when you “List Yo Files” and use file browser. Is this a private file location? There seems to be no easy way to link to them. The linux permissions look OK for viewing by all.

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